Milestones Childcare
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About Us

Our mission is that your children are well cared for in a unique warm, safe and stimulating environment.  Our approach will be holistic taking into account religion, culture and ethnicity because we recognise the different needs of individual children and hope to provide for them with the flexible approach.

We are dedicated to making your child’s first experience at nursery happy and stimulating.  Our aim is to encourage the child’s natural development, social behaviour and good manners.  We aim to provide children with the confidence to grow and learn at their pace, in an environment that is safe and with people they can trust.

We feel that working in partnership with parents and carers helps us to provide continuity of care which is vital in your child’s early years. Parents are the first educators of their young children and the most important people in a child’s life. We aim to form strong links between the parents and nursery.